In these transdisciplinary-interactive workshops, we will delve deeper into understanding what it means to experience our surroundings with our senses, intuition, thoughts, and somatic beyond and creates from that practice. This three-day workshop series will focus on challenging hegemonic art-making practices by utilizing our body as a primary resource of our creativity, art practice, and activism.

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Reassemblage (1982)

Trinh T. Minh-ha

Shot in Senegal picturing the dwellings and everyday life of the Sereer people.

Oh My Homeland (2019)

Stephanie barber

In 1985 the great soprano Leontyne Price sung the title role in Verdi’s Aida as her farewell opera. After the ‘O patria mia’ aria, the audience breaks into a four-minute applause. ‘Oh My Homeland’ is the third in a series of minimal single-shot 16mm films I’m currently building. It’s a film about representation, art, and material exchange. It’s a film about endings.

Something Between Us (2015)

Jodie Mack

A choreographed motion study for twinkling trinkets: costume jewelry and natural wonders join forces to perform plastic pirouettes, dancing a luminous lament until the tide comes in.

With the Tide, with the tide (2022)

Anna Kipervaser

I know, you’re a seasonal beast
Like the starfish that drift in with the tide
With the tide
So until your blood runs
To meet the next full moon
Your madness fits in nicely with my own
With my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own
My very own

– from Sea Song by Robert Wyatt

I Tried to write a Love Letter with my body (2022)

Priyanka Das

A personal letter written in the “feminine voices”, desires, struggles, conflicts, and assertive in its senses, feelings, and emotions permeates our daily existence. 

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