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M3:G3 Cross Encounters w/ Video, Audio and Cuisine

Presented by SPHERE   X  Atticus M3:G3 Cross Encounters w/ Video, Audio and Cuisine M3:G3 is a multi-sensory exploration of the theme(s) of [M3: migration-movement-mobility]. Attending to the distinct yet interconnected registers of the sonic, the visual, and the gustatory,…

Transfigured Boundaries

Transfigured Boundaries About the Program Transfigured boundaries broadens the space for, and access to, global cinematic explorations by spotlighting independent filmmaking that ranges from experimental and provocative to genre-bending and absurdist. With a focus on underrepresented themes and diverse storytelling,…

Love Jihad

This term “Love Jihad”, first came up in Muzaffarnagar of UP during 1927. Rumors spread that a Hindu woman has married a Muslim man and for that she has converted. People gathered at her house and then it was turned out that she was always a Muslim. 1920 witnessed a flurry of orchestrated propaganda campaigns and popular inflammatory and demagogic appeals by a section of Hindu publicists and Arya Samaj against abductions and conversions of Hin¬du women by Muslim goondas, ranging from allegations of rape, abduction and elopement, to luring, conversion, love and forced marriages. Drawing on diverse sources like newspapers, pamphlets, meet¬ings, handbills, posters, novels, myths, rumors and gossip, the campaign was able to operate in a public domain, and monopolies the field of everyday representation.

Cinema Garage with Lynne Sachs

In focus: Film about a father who Over a period of 35 years between 1984 and 2019, filmmaker Lynne Sachs shot 8 and 16mm film, videotape and digital images of her father, Ira Sachs Sr., a bon vivant and…

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