Volunteers are the driving force of the World Cinema Carnival. We depend on resolute volunteers from around the world to generously devote their time and commitment to the World Cinema Carnival and support alternative and experimental arts. Every year, volunteers (most of whom return year after year) help create a global platform to celebrate independent films. We’re looking for volunteers to assist in online and in-person aspects of the Festival. The real benefit of volunteering isn’t the perks or even the films—it’s being part of a passionate community. Please read the following information before applying. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us at wcc@spherefestival.com

How To Volunteer for the World Cinema Carnival?

Please complete the online Volunteer Application. When we review your online application, we’ll email you the schedule.

Don’t forget: Pre- and post-Festival volunteer opportunities run throughout the year outside Festival dates. No advance commitment is required. Please indicate on the Volunteer application form if you are available year-round.

Things to know:

All Volunteers will need to attend meetings prior to the festival. At that time, you will indicate your hours of availability and can ask any other questions that you have. Meanwhile, we will also use these meetings to know each other!

Festival Volunteers will be asked to select a volunteer-type when applying:

Volunteer Type: Full Time
Your volunteer coordinator will assign you a shift every day of the Festival
Required training and shifts outside of this date range are role dependent and subject to change.

Volunteer Type: Part-Time
Your volunteer coordinator will assign you a full shift for approximately 6 consecutive days of the Festival
Required training and shifts outside of this date range are role dependent and subject to change.

Volunteer Type: Part-Time Self-Assigned

On designated “Sign Up Days”, you will log in and select shifts posted across all Festival days that are available within your role placement

Terms and Conditions:
• Only applicants above the age of 18 will be considered.
• Applicants who do not respond to emails/phone calls from organizers during the selection process will not be considered.
• The volunteers will be assigned departments at the discretion of the organizers and this will not be changed unless required.
• We would appreciate a 15-day prior notice in case a Volunteer wishes to back out after his/her selection.
• There is no financial remuneration for the role of the Volunteer, although we will provide a certificate crediting the volunteer for his/her effort, and of course, your chance to experience cinema, masterclasses with incredible filmmakers and meeting incredible talents from all over the world.
• On submission of this form, you’ll receive further instruction from World Cinema Carnival by December 2021.

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