Transfigured Boundaries

About the Program

Transfigured boundaries broadens the space for, and access to, global cinematic explorations by spotlighting independent filmmaking that ranges from experimental and provocative to genre-bending and absurdist. With a focus on underrepresented themes and diverse storytelling, the film program intends to take these films beyond film society echo chambers and to the general public because interesting cinema should be everyone’s right. 

In a socio-politically divided time, transfigured boundaries attempts to bring together different audiences from varied backgrounds so they can experience not just the transformative potential of cinema, but also, the fluidity of its form itself.

Featured Artists

Program Schedule

April 29th
Alexandre LaroseBrouillard – Etude #2
Shanawaz Nellikunnil405
Peng ZuqiangInauguration
John SmithOM
Oliver HusainParade
Hau ChunNo song to sing
Hugo ManhesThe Fire of Adolescence
Sohil VaidyaMurmurs of the Jungle
April 30th
Yudhajit BasuKalsubai
Alia FaridAt the time of the Ebb
Sofía Peypochthe land belonged to no one
Santasil MallikLiminal Visions
Shambhavi KaulHijacked
Sohrab HuraThe Coast
Kongo AstronautsPostcolonial Dilemna #Track4 (Remix mix) within the multi-dimensional world of Bebson Elemba
Alex Gvojic, Korakrit ArunanondchaiNo history in a room filled with people with funny names 5
May 1st
Maharshi KashyapThe Horse from Heaven
Hugo ManhesSeasons
Gautam ValluriThe Museum of Departures
Kongo AstronautsPostcolonial Dilemna Track #05 (in the process of), 2021
Rafa ZubiriaFreedom is a serious crime
John SmithThrowing Stones
Hau Chun32+4
Manuel Bayo GisbertPortrait of my dreams mixing with her’s
Ushnish MukherjeeVideo from “Autopsy Series”
Debraj NaiyaCoffin and Mortal
May 3rd
Dechen Roder3 Year 3 month Retreat
Moojin BrothersThe old man was dreaming about the lions – volume 1
Sumugan SivanesanAlex & I: Moving Pictures
Jasper CoppesAasivissuit
Ifeatu NnaobiS’ if for sparkly eyes + I want to go again
Hira NabiAll That Perishes at The Edge Of Land
May 4th
Sofía Peypochgreen eyes
Peng ZuqiangKeep in Touch
Hugo ManhesThe torch
Moojin BrothersThe old man was dreaming about the lions – volume 2
Debraj NaiyaThe Traveler
Priya SenYeh Freedom Life
May 5th
Yash SawantA cold summer night
Hugo ManhesConsumed Dream
John SmithThe Black Tower
Santasil MallikWashing Away
Clemente CastorGhost Animal
Kongo AstronautsPostcolonial Dilemna #Track 3 (Unended), 2014-2017
May 6th
Tebogo MalebogoHeaven Reaches Down to Earth
Manuel Bayo GisbertSelf-portrait
Sky HopinkaKicking the Clouds
Santasil MallikAnomalies
Maria Rojas AriasAbrir Monte
Smriti MehraAuthanaqoota
Ben RiversLook Then Below
May 7–8thR. Bruce ElderLamentations

Screening Room Info

This is a ticketed event and standard ticket fares apply. Tickets may be purchased at the counter, subject to availability. 

Pre-book tickets online at:

Venue: Cineteca Nacional de Mexico Screening Room: 10 

Time: 07:30 PM onwards

Meet our Team

Sofia Peypoch


Mexico City, 1994. A visual artist who combines film, photography, poetry, ceramic sculpture and found objects. She is currently pursuing a degree in Cinematography at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica. At the centre of her work is the sensitive experience, which is expressed through the observation of nature by drawing parallels between the body and the forest. Her practice resides in the interstice between personal memory and collective thought. Her film there is a willow grows aslant a brook, premiered at the Sphere Film Festival’s ‘World Cinema Carnival’ in 2022. Her film there with fantastic garlands did she come premiered at the twelfth edition of FICUNAM as part of the Umbrales program.

Hyash Tanmoy


In the midst of measuring pitfalls and menaces, Hyash searches for meditative resilience and solidarity through moving images and undefined art forms. Their practice is an endangered combination of silhouettes that traverses from hieroglyphs to Python. At the intersection of undiagnosed panic attacks and personal traumas, they are searching for a language of translation and reciprocation to make the experience inclusive for everyone in the show - the archive is under construction (mentally and physically).

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