Artist Profile

Shanawaz Nellikunnil

Shanawaz chose the medium of film to express his creativity because he finds the  idea of bringing to life those experiences to people which they may not have  encountered, yet present it in a believable manner, in a way that allows for a  realistic connect, extremely fascinating. Since his early childhood, Shanawaz has been a keen observer of human  interaction, which has honed his ability to extract the essence of a  character/situation to make it relatable. Shanawaz intuitively looks to other elements to assist him form a wholesome  picture, be it colours, art or music and this is reflected in all his frames.

Featured Work


2019, 19 mins, India, fiction

‘405’ may be a story of an un-named man in an un-named town, who has lost almost everything, including the love of an un-named girl because of an un-known  incident, however, the tale evokes a keen sense of pathos and regret for the  protagonist, and eventually those emotions percolate into the viewers’ minds,  making them re-visit, at some level, their own losses, regrets and vices in life.

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