Artist Profile

Santasil Mallik

Santasil Mallik is an independent filmmaker. He is interested in literary visualities and different modes of image-text relationships. In 2019, he shot and edited the short documentary, Farrago which was exhibited and awarded in several festivals including, 22nd VideoEx Festival, YOUKI International Youth Media Festival, Laceno D’Oro etc.

He is based out of Calcutta, India.

Featured Works


2021, 2min, India

Anomalies prescribe a twin-channel simulation imagining the visual-semantic proximities to the medical conditions of fibrosis and thrombosis.

Liminal Visions

2021, 4min, India

A cyclone arrives, carrying attenuated signals from unknown geographies.

Washing Away

2021, 4min, India

A fragile shadow dances amid daily rituals, washing away the boundaries between abstraction and material reality.

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