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María Rojas Arias

maria rojas arias

María Rojas Arias, Colombian visual artist and filmmaker, graduated from KASK, School of Arts Gent, Belgium. She is the co-director of La Vulcanizadora – Project Laboratory in Visual Arts, Cinema, and Expanded Theater. Her work deals with official and unofficial archival materials related to specific events of the past. Her short films include Abrir Monte (2021), Fu (2018), and La Casa Loca (2016). In 2019, she received a Next Generation grant from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.

Featured Work

Abrir Monte

2021, 25mins, Colombia

On July 19, 1929, in a town in Colombia, a group of shoemakers fought to improve living and working conditions in the country. They called themselves The Bolsheviks of Líbano Tolima. Their revolution lasted only one day, and its traces were almost completely lost. The women of this village share with Aura, an anarchist grandmother, a feeling that their rebellion is still going on.

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