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Hugo Manhes

h manhes

After several years spent on Quentin Dupieux’s team, Hugo moved on to directing commercials where he excelled in the fields of sports and lifestyle. 

His film “La Torche” represents the concentration of his vision: explosions of colours and emotions. And the desire to exceed his limits every time.

Featured Works

Épisode 1 : 'LA TORCHE' (The Torch)

The night has fallen. It is cold, very cold. The spray that swirls over the waves catches colored hues. A surfboard catches fire. The surfers sink into the darkness. The waves break in a mixture of yellow and purple, all on the bewitching layers of Anna von Hausswolff. The dance can begin.

Épisode 2 : 'SAISONS' (Seasons)

A tribute to the grandiose and mystical landscapes of the Massif Central, an immaculate place located in the middle of France. From winter to spring, from summer to autumn, athletes practice their own disciplines in a wild and singular environment. Whether it’s on snow, land, water or in the air, they do it without any concession, in a full commitment.

Épisode 3 : 'LE FEU DE L'ADOLESCENCE' (The Fire of Adolescence)

Skateboarders run down a mountain road at nightfall on burning boards. A tribute to adolescence enchanted by a new version of the song ‘L’amour et la violence’ composed by Sebastien Tellier.

Épisode 4 : 'RÊVE CONSUMÉ' (Consumed Dream)

A skier who is completely on fire goes down a line off-piste at nightfall, performs a series of tricks and ends up in an ice cave. A voice-over in the introduction sends a clear message: there is less and less snow in the mountains because of global warming, and skiing is therefore threatened. The metaphor of fire on snow is there to illustrate it, the whole endiablé by the harmonium of Nico on the song “Janitor of Lunacy”.

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